Life Skills

Course Name Duration Price
Car Maintenance and Repairs
Car driving you crazy? Take this course before you take matters into your own hands!
8 weeks $59.00 incl.
Learner Licence Theory
Prepare for your Learner Driver Licence (16+)
6 weeks $39.00 incl.
Making Sense of Life and Living - St Johns
8 weeks $0.00 incl.
Running a Small Business
Want to work for yourself? Learn how to make it a success.
8 weeks $59.00 incl.
Sewing Beginners - Tuesday
8 weeks $59.00 incl.
Sewing Beginners - Wednesday
A stitch in time! Come and learn how to mend and make clothes and fabric.
8 weeks $59.00 incl.
Small Engine Repairs
8 weeks $69.00 incl.
Thai Cooking Beginners
6 weeks $40.00 incl.
Upholstery Beginners
8 weeks $100.00 incl.
Woodwork Skills Beginners
8 weeks $59.00 incl.